Category Group Review/Moderation

Can’t find this under admin/site_settings. Was searching for review / category / group. Installed version v2.3.0.beta9 +28.

it’s in the group tab of the site setting panel.

you can go to this path of your forum, and you’ll find it there:


btw, you may need to upgrade to latest before looking for the setting.

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Can’t see that there.


v2.3.0.beta9 +28



You’re up to date!

Am I up to date?

no, current version is v2.3.0.beta9 +144 or higher.

go to your-forum-name/admin/upgrade

and you can update to latest there. change “your-forum-name” with the correct address of your forum.


I enabled this feature and selected a group for moderation but they don’t see the “Needs Review” tab. @eviltrout

That’s odd - can they visit /review directly?

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I think this was the case when I first enabled the feature, but the menu item appeared when a topic landed in the review queue.

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No, they can’t see the review queue.

This is correct, I flagged a post and now it’s appeared. @eviltrout

Thank you for suggestion :slightly_smiling_face: @ChrisBeach


Does the only thing this feature add is the ability to review flagged posts? We were hoping it would enable editing posts, marking solved, locking topics, pinning topics, etc.


It’s a step towards doing those things! We will likely improve it to add those features in future releases.


The “Keep Post” string is pretty confusing for flags when the post has been hidden:

I presume this comes from the dropdown which appears if the post hasn’t been hidden by a flag, because there’s no way to hide an already hidden post:


But once the post has already been hidden this “Keep Post” button should be called something like “Keep Post Hidden”.


This is a great idea. I’ve made a pull request for it.


Hey @eviltrout, it appears that these category-specific moderators aren’t able to mark a reply as solution when using this feature in conjunction with the Discourse Solved plugin. Is that a bug, or a feature that would need to be added to the solved plugin?


I think this is another feature which needs to be added, like those asked for above.

For the time being you can work around it (as with most moderation powers, like edit, pin, close, split, etc.) by bumping up your category-specific moderators to TL4. If you don’t want to make them all TL4 because of the other powers they get (across the entire forum), you can lower the trust level required to mark a topic solved with the accept all solutions trust level setting.


Catching up with this awesome feature…

One thing I miss from @angus’ now abandoned Moderator Extension is the option to mention who is a moderator. In one instance I replaced “Moderators: foo, bar, baz” with: “Your hosts: foo, bar, baz”, which I find more inviting.

When you understand “moderation” as “being a host”, it makes sense.


Is there no translation to change this?

This feature is a Godsend!

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It’s a good feature to show the moderators of specific categories!
Also they should be showed in the ABOUT page I think.


Maybe that page may show all of them like this:

X moderator - Full moderator
Y moderator - Moderator of #support