Topic List Previews (legacy)

This is now a Theme Component, the plugin is deprecated

The new Topic is Topic List Previews Theme Component - theme - Discourse Meta

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Topic List Previews allows you to:

  • Add images, excerpts, buttons and topic stats to topic list items; and

  • Change the layout and style of topic list items

  • Add ‘Featured’ topics above topic lists and topics.

  • Add User Wall to User’s activity page (aka ‘Portfolio’ Feature).

These settings can be applied to all or selected topic lists on a site-wide or category-specific basis.

This flexible feature-set allows you create a variety of different topic list styles, including

Basic Style

Relevant settings
  • topic list thumbnail
  • topic list excerpt
  • topic list action

Pinterest (Masonry) Style aka ‘tiles’

Relevant settings
  • topic list tiles
  • topic list thumbnail
  • topic list excerpt
  • topic list action
  • topic list thumbnail width
  • topic list thumbnail height

Featured Images

Relevant settings
  • topic list featured images tag
  • topic list featured images count
  • topic list featured width
  • topic list featured height
  • topic list featured title
  • topic list featured excerpt
  • topic list featured order

The main and Discovery settings are in Settings → Plugins. The Category equivalent are in each Category’s Settings.

Examples in the Wild :seedling:

More info:

Much more info available at: Pavilion

Contributors :raised_hands:

Many folks have contributed to the development of this plugin through both feedback and direct development work. In particular: