Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component

No need to edit the json - this theme setting ends in _icon, so any selection made will be automatically loaded (As long as it exists in the font-awesome free pack)


Oh apologies. That’s a nice feature! Edited my post.

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I enabled a “Masonry” style. Is it possible to show a number of comments at the bottom of every preview?

Hi David, I’ve found that topics created with the wordpress plugin do not have thumbnails, (see this category), I’m guessing it’s related to this and having download remote images to local turned on.

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Lovely component!

I would like to see two things, if possible in future updates:

  1. Possibility for us to upload placeholder image if first post doesn’t have image. Current Font Awesome solution is nice, but it would be cool if that can be altered the way I proposed or if we can choose colors for icon and background (even upload our own icon).

  2. An option for thumbnail size (for list thumbnail mode). Default one is taking too much space, and I made it 90x64 for my forum and looks great. I know after component update I will need to do this again, but having this as option will greatly improve usability of the component.


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Agreed, lovely component, thank you @david :pray:

I would like to suggest single column view (incl. compatibility with Topic list excerpts) for use with themes/plugins (Fakebook/Layouts) that make use of sidebars on either or both sides.

Thank you for considering.

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If you put the component into ‘grid’ mode, then it’s totally possible to change the number of columns using CSS from another plugin/component. You would just override this part of the CSS:

This theme component does not override any core templates so it should be inter-compatible with other themes/plugins, as long as they are not making any overrides.

IIRC both Fakebook and Layouts do override core templates, so they might need some updates to work with topic-list-thumbnails.

The other option is for those themes to implement their own thumbnail view. It’s very easy now that we have theme modifiers.


Aha, that seems reasonably simple and straightforward - thank you David!

EDIT: Also, I take your point regarding Fakebook - weren’t aware of that themes now can implement thumbnail view, I’ll will definitely test that when trying to create my “own” theme!

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You can create your own theme component for all modifications to existing themes and components. That way your customizations survive updates.


Really nice theme component, loading is really quick. I played with it a little bit to add excerpt on grid it was a fun challenge.

Would it be possible to add grid/masonery/list presentation for specific tags or is it too much a pain in the a** for a relatively niche usage? :thinking:

If it’s not worth it, I definitely wouldn’t push it


I think it should be relatively easy, I’ll give it a try in the next few days :eyes:


Are you planning to add an excerpt to the list of topics? Very nice component!!

David already did it

Excerpt don’t work with grid/masonery presentation to not mess up alignment, I played with it to see what I could do. I would recommand Topic List Preview if you want something like Masonery presentation with excerpt.

Both components work really well on List presentation though.

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As I understand it, images from onebox are not show as topic thumbnails?

Small onebox avatars/thumbnails are not used, no. Large images from oneboxes (e.g. instagram) are used.


Question: Youtube thumbnails - Is there a setting I am missing, or do you have to add videos in a certain manner to ensure a topic thumbnail for Youtube videos? I have tested with several videos, rebaked posts etc. but alas, nothing seems to generate thumbnails for me. Any hints or explained requirements would be much appreciated.

Feature request: Additional component setting - In addition to being able to set style (list/grid/masonry) for categories, it would be awesome if you could do the same for front page and/or recommended posts which are rendered below a post. Use case: Wanting to have grid view on the front page, but list view for recommended posts.

Thank you for considering.

Make sure you have ‘download remote images’ enabled on your site. Only basic youtube URLs are supported - links including a playlist are not. You can read more here:

Great idea, this would be good to implement alongside the per-tag options :+1:


Aha, thanks @david! That was certainly my “issue”, much appreciated! :ok_hand:

Also, glad to hear that the feature request will be taken under consideration :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey. I would like to be able to exclude the image if it does not fit. Is such an opportunity planned?

One more case, in the Topic List Previews plugin you could select an image from the list, it really helped out in some cases.

Thank you!

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