Official Advertising / Ad Plugin for Discourse

Hi there,

I just added

  • our amazon affiliate id
  • sizes
  • N=5

And although I do get a new element in our threads, it’s not an Amazon advertisement but it’s our site’s header instead.

Does anyone have a clue what’s happening here?

See this topic:

Thanks for looking into it,


@Roy_ILGM It looks like your amazon_post_bottom_src_code value is ilovegrowingm-20 but it should be a complete URL.

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Hi Neil, thanks for the advice.

I’ve been trying basically every link I can create within the amazon affiliate+advertisement environement. Both with and without dimensions pre-set and can’t seem to figure out what needs to go in there.

Can you specify what complete URL I need and where I can find it?

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Am I right in thinking this auto adds the <script> to /head or do I need to add that manually?

It will be something starting with http or https. It will load in the iframe of the ad, so it needs to be a full URL.

The AdSense and DFP scripts will be added by the plugin, so you don’t need to add it yourself.


I lied. It’s starts with //.

@Roy_ILGM Here’s how to use Amazon affiliate links.

Find the ad unit you want to use in the Amazon Affiliate website. I’ll use a banner.

You’ll need three values from it. The src, width, and height. Put those values in you Amazon settings in Discourse.

Reload your browser and go to wherever you added the Amazon ad unit.


Hi @neil

thanks for checking in. The problem seems to be in the adBlock extension.

  • Just excluding the site from AdBlock does not help, the ads still get blocked.
  • Just pausing AdBlock for the forum site does not help, the ads still get blocked. It does display on Amazon and when entering just the ad link.
  • I had to pause AdBlock for all sites for it to be displayed on the forum.

Perhaps something for the devs to look into, though I understand this must be a cat and mouse game.

I use this extension:

I made a huge mistake and deleted all the adsense <script> from /head can someone post the original please.

That would be for the AdBlock devs to look into, not us. :wink: If you set a rule that it shouldn’t run for a site, but it does, then that’s a bug in AdBlock.

The plugin adds the script for you. What did you delete?


Hmmm are you saying it doesn’t show it in the theme customisation under /head ?

It was this:

<script async src="//"></script>

Hi there, we’ve had top of topic amazon banners and amazon advertisements every 20 posts. People have been complaining about jerky scroll behaviour on phone since those were turned on. The jerky behaviour went away after turning the ads off again. Does anyone experience the same complaints?

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It sounds like it’s waiting to get the new ad before polling for the next batch of messages.

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No 404 or 400 error with AdSense, yet no advertising is shown, what might be the issue?

Example URL:

Объявления - двойники и неправдивая информация о продаже коз, козлят, козлов - Козий рынок - Козоводство в Украине, России, СНГ: форум, хозяйства, рынок

(find advert above the “similar topics” list):

The size of ad unit matches the size in Adsense settings in Discourse.

I do see an ad there:

Are you using an ad blocker?

I’ve noticed that AdBlocker Plus has a bug that will intermittently block ads even when the site is whitelisted. (In Chrome for Mac in my case.)


If you see the ad code when you inspect the page, then the plugin has done its job.


I do, but I turned the plugin off and re-tested — didn’t help :frowning:

Yep, the code is there. Not blaming the plugin, just asking if anyone has any ideas about possbile causes of this issue.

Ad language question

Will Adsense adverts be shown in the user’s browser default language? Is it on auto by Google or configurable?

It’s the advertiser’s choice. When setting up ads via AdWords or other networks, an advertiser will select the audience by geographic location, demographics, language, or myriad other targeting options the network might allow. That makes sense because serving ads to an audience that can’t understand the ad or act upon it is a waste of money.

In Google AdSense you can allow or block ads via its Ad review center, which I find useful for eliminating deceptive ads, such as those with a big button that says “Start Download” — especially if they might appear on a document sharing page. A good portion of my users are not computer tech-savvy, so this is a big deal.


Thanks @pfaffman Is this a bug or a feature?

Beats me. I guess ads are just loading slowly for some reason?