Discourse-docs: Documentation Management Plugin

Summary: Find and filter knowledge base topics

:link: GitHub: https://github.com/discourse/discourse-docs
:arrow_right: Install: Follow the plugin installation guide.


The Docs plugin is a continuation of development on the Knowledge Explorer Theme Component. You can see it in action at https://meta.discourse.org/docs.

In essence, Docs allows for easier surfacing of knowledge-base style topics across a defined set of categories and/or tags.

Filter the list down by tags, search via the search bar, and click on topics to see the first post – all without leaving the context of the knowledge explorer.

Need to find a knowledge base topic from somewhere else in Discourse? Use the new search helper: in:kb.


  1. Install the plugin following these instructions.
  2. Enable the plugin by turning on the docs enabled setting.
  3. Add categories and tags to the docs categories and docs tags settings.
  4. Find the Docs link in the hamburger menu.
    Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 12.49.14 PM
  5. Profit with easier access to knowledge!

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  • 2021-01-18T06:00:00Z Rename to discourse-docs
  • 2021-01-13T06:00:00Z Add topic title and category to browser title
  • 2020-10-01T05:00:00Z Added onebox support



Is it possible to change the slug from /docs to /wiki?


Hello Justin DiRose,
Can we display categories docs with structure format?

I don’t believe subcategory structure is currently available for the filtering component.

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Hi @justin -
Do categories and topics adjust to user group?
So if a user is from group A, they only see categories and topics that group A has permissions to?

Do the card filter components, seen at the top of the page of the Discourse Meta Docs, also adjust to group permissions?

Thank you so much in advance for your answers.

Yes this is correct.

I’m not aware actually, but I’d guess yes.

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Thanks for the great plugin. Looks great.

Is this module compatible with the voting plugin?
In other words: Could DOCS be voted as regular posts?

Thanks for your time,