Page Publishing

:sparkles: Lovely! :sparkles:

The only issue I can see is that there is no favicon or page title in the browser tab - see screenshot. The left tab is the page title for the topic in discourse, the right tab is the published page with URL and no favicon.


Great news!

A doubt:
The “pub” slug, I mean the word “pub” in the URL: /pub/ … is it customizable?


Another feature request for the queue:

A toggle to include the site header/navigation at the top of the published pages, to help the pages fit in more with the general site theme.


Well, that’s something we should fix @sam.


This is a FANTASTIC addition! :partying_face:


This should be fixed by:

It will also add few other missing tags.

Thanks for report @tobiaseigen


This looks awesome!

And yet another feature request: allowing a published page to be the home page.


I think that my GitHub - pfaffman/discourse-allow-arbitrary-homepage: allow an admin to specify the default homepage to any URL. will allow you to make a static page your home page. (I’m not sure that it’s a good idea, but you can give it a try)


Are these pages will shows under “SiteNavigationElement” or “DiscussionForumPosting” in Google Structured Data Testing Tool?

This is great, thank you!

This makes me think, @joffreyjaffeux, that Discourse plugins are applied to published pages (e.g., footnotes) but theme components are not (e.g., table of contents). It might be tricky to implement since some components are not necessarily useful in the context of pages, but ToCs are definitely useful. Any chance we can have it?


All the best with your ongoing development of this brilliant feature!! I’ll throw in my two cents worth:

I totally agree - we also need this desperately.

Would also be very helpful - without needing Jay’s theme component (which is great but is a workaround).

Absolutely useful - also for the TOS, Privacy, FAQ, etc.


is it possibly to see the published topic without login,
like the way the tos and privacy page showing even though the site require login. thanks very much.


Thanks for all the feedback so far folks! Keeping a list of these enhancements for when we work on page publishing in the future.


So far published pages follow category permissions: so if your category is publicly visible, the topic will as well. You could unlist the topic so it does not clutter your public category if you only want the published page.


What permissions are applied to unlisted topics? ‘everyone’, I’m guessing - useful for a public site but not invite-only sadly.

I think that what those of us running invite-only forums want for published topics to have a setting to allow them to be publicly viewable regardless of permissions on the post it is based upon, so that they behave the same way as the Privacy and TOS pages. And whilst at it, being able to make the FAQ and about pages also publicly viewable if we wish.


Yes, my site is required login, but some topics we want to display for the non-registered users.

Anyway there’s always topics suitable for non-registered users.


Great addition, thank you for this @chau! :ok_hand:

Am I missing something, or is there no way to include the site header and site footer? Ie publish the page as a part of the discourse site w/o the ability to post replies etc.? Like static pages basically?


Not missing anything, there isn’t a way to add footers/headers just yet! One of the enhancements we received so it’s definitely on the list for the next round of work.


I have this… I started with an invite-only setup, and started to go through all categories, removing everyone from the permissions and replacing with a specific group (you could use trust_level_1 since this group requires to have been logged in). Then I put topics I want public in the Uncategorized space (or you may create a specific category with public permissions). Then I removed the invite-only setting (but kept the registration off by using SSO.)


Hi folks!

Just wanted to update you folks on what we’ve been up to! We have added the ability for Published Pages to be public!
FEATURE: allows published pages to be public by jjaffeux · Pull Request #10053 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

There will now be a site setting: show published pages login required that you can enable to override the login_required setting.

There will also be a checkbox to publish a public page from the Page Publishing window.

This was a really popular request and I’m excited for you all to try this one out. Looking forward to the feedback as well!