Discourse Solved

:discourse2: Summary Discourse Solved allows users to accept solutions on topics in designated categories.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-solved
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


To enable Solved on a single category:

  • Navigate to a category page and click on the category settings button

  • Navigate to the settings sections

  • scroll down and enable the Allow topic owner and staff to mark a reply as the solution setting


To enable Solved on all categories:

Enable the allow solved on all topics site setting


How does it work?

As the OP (topic creator), you will have a button that allows you to accept an answer.

Topics with accepted answers are highlighted and linked in the topic list:


Accepted answers are highlighted in the first post:

Some sites might benefit from a solved/unsolved indicator on topic lists. If that’s your cup of tea, you can enable the empty_box_on_unsolved site setting.




When searching for topics, you can filter the search to only solved or unsolved topics via the status:solved and status:unsolved queries. “are solved” and “are unsolved” can also be found via the “Where topics” dropdown.


You can enable a filter dropdown in topic list pages using the site setting show_filter_by_solved_status



You can also filter solved/unsolved topics by adding a parameter to the URL. For example:




These links could be added above a specific category list by following the instructions here


As it stands, our plugin system has no clean way of shipping badges and removing them when a plugin is removed. While this is being solved you can add badges to your liking via the badge interface.

A badge for first accepted answer:
SELECT p.user_id, p.id post_id, p.updated_at granted_at
FROM badge_posts p
WHERE p.post_number > 1 AND 
    p.id IN (
      SELECT post_id FROM (
       SELECT pc.post_id, row_number() 
       OVER (PARTITION BY p1.user_id ORDER BY pc.created_at) as rnum
       FROM post_custom_fields pc
       JOIN badge_posts p1 ON p1.id = pc.post_id
       JOIN topics t1 ON p1.topic_id = t1.id
       WHERE name = 'is_accepted_answer' AND
                     value IS NOT NULL AND
                    p1.user_id <> t1.user_id AND 
          :backfill OR 
           p1.user_id IN (
                   select user_id from posts where p1.id IN (:post_ids)
) X  WHERE rnum = 1)
A badge for 10 accepted answers
SELECT id user_id, current_timestamp granted_at
FROM users
WHERE id  IN (
       SELECT p1.user_id 
       FROM post_custom_fields pc
       JOIN badge_posts p1 ON p1.id = pc.post_id
       JOIN topics t1 ON p1.topic_id = t1.id
       WHERE p1.user_id <> t1.user_id AND 
                    name = 'is_accepted_answer' AND 
                    value IS NOT NULL AND
            p1.user_id IN (
                   SELECT user_id 
                   FROM posts 
                   WHERE :backfill OR  p1.id IN (:post_ids)
        GROUP BY p1.user_id
        HAVING COUNT(*) > 9

Data Explorer Queries

To list each individual “solved” event:

SELECT acting_user_id, target_topic_id, target_post_id, created_at FROM user_actions
WHERE action_type=15
ORDER BY created_at DESC

To produce a list with stats per-user: (with variable for time interval, defaults to 1 year):

-- [params]
-- string :interval = 1 year
SELECT  ua.acting_user_id, 
        count(case t.user_id when ua.acting_user_id then 1 else null end) as is_op, 
        count(case t.user_id when ua.acting_user_id then null else 1 end) as not_op,
        count(*) as total
FROM user_actions ua
LEFT JOIN topics t ON target_topic_id = t.id
WHERE action_type=15
AND ua.created_at >= CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL :interval
GROUP BY ua.acting_user_id

Original spec discussion

This is an official plugin, and we plan to ship it to all our customers. Thank you to Western Digital for funding the development of this plugin!

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