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:pavilion: Summary Custom Wizard The Custom Wizard Plugin lets you make forms for your Discourse forum. Better user onboarding, structured posting, data enrichment, automated actions and much more for your community.
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Wizard Administration
Wizard Settings
Step Settings
Field Settings
Action Settings
Conditional Settings
Field Interpolation
Handling Dates and Times
Wizard Themes
Wizard Manager
Wizard Output Templating
Realtime Validations
Custom Fields


I’m wondering on any suggestions in regards to the Custom Wizard and managing it without admin oversight. It would be up to Moderators, or an assigned group, to manage the custom wizards once the plugin is deployed.

Is this feasible? Thanks for any suggestions.

Hello, I just recently installed this wonderful plugin.
I can’t figure out how to remove the link to the survey from the main page of the site.

I don’t want to display these links on the main page.

As a wizard can do many things that only admins can do, this would be making your group defacto admins - this wouldn’t be safe in most cases.

However, I could imagine a situation where a restricted amount of Wizard functionality was available to a nominated group. But it would be quite a bit of work (I think) to implement that.

I’d encourage you to flesh out your use-case and post it in for consideration as a feature request.

I believe that this is controlled by the following setting in each wizard (which is default unchecked):