Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙

:tada: It is now much easier to subscribe for the advanced features :tada:

Now all you have to do is hit ‘Subscribe’ from the admin page of the installed Custom Wizard Plugin and follow the prompts, and Authorize it once it is set up. Easy as!

Of course, the basic (still quite powerful) Wizard functionality works just fine without a subscription.

:pavilion: Summary Forms for Discourse. This plugin lets you make rich and powerful forms for your Discourse forum. Better user onboarding, structured posting, data enrichment, automated actions and much more for your community.
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:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse
:dollar: Support :pavilion: Pavilion provide high quality dedicated support for this plugin on a paid subscription basis. There is also a discounted community subscription available for non-business use.
:people_hugging: Community Community based support and discussions about this plugin are hosted on the :pavilion: Pavilion Cooperative site.

The Custom Wizard Plugin is a popular, flexible, and powerful plugin which adds customisable Forms to your Discourse installation. These allow you to:

  1. Augment the onboarding process

  2. Conduct surveys linked to your existing user data

  3. Utilise automated and structured internal workflows

  4. Have structured posting of new topics and messages

  5. And a whole heap more…

For more information, please see our dedicated website:


You can install the plugin right away and use the ‘basic’ features for free. These are sufficient for many people.

If you need more, we offer several subscription options. This helps support sustainable and responsible development of the product in the longer term.

Those wanting to facilitate their business or organisation will want the full suite of powerful features and solid support that come with our business plans.

If you’re a small non-profit, charity or just a community not connected with a business, you can apply for a discounted community subscription to access these same features. In return, we ask that you actively participate in our Custom Wizard Plugin support community.

Example Joining Wizard


Example Bug Report


Extensive documentation about the Custom Wizard Plugin is provided via links within the plugin UI and hosted on our Coöperative site:


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We will answer any queries well within that timeframe, and will move key discussions to :pavilion: our Pavilion Coöperative site.