Custom Wizard Plugin

Hey, @robert & @angus. I did an upgrade just now and got an error with the custom wizard plugin. I was in a hurry and failed to record the message.


Yep, looks like dependency DEV: remove old code, refactor jQuery call · discourse/discourse@04452e7 · GitHub was removed by Core.

Error in build is:

rake aborted!
Sprockets::FileNotFound: couldn't find file 'discourse/components/d-editor-modal' with type 'application/javascript'

This is what is breaking things.

Immediate fix is to remove plugin ahead of proper remediation.


@pfaffman Thanks for the heads up :+1:. This has been addressed:


Thanks, @angus! That did the trick! It wasn’t the problem that I thought I knew about.

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where there? Do I need to sign up?

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If you would like to preview it, yes, you need to sign up as the Wizard is only prompted to users after they sign up.

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  1. New User Setup Select an Avatar
  2. New User Setup Select a flag

    search is not working
  3. New User Setup Merge your old account

Yes, thank you, I was aware. It’s not released yet :).

This is actually a piece of work for a client that will be shared on open source for everyone’s benefit once done to their satisfaction (thank you client!)


search code fails if you set the dropdown list up with key, key.

If you show key, picture, like this, it works: (but is obviously a little ugly).

image image

Is it better to show the codes without .png or better to have it searchable?

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prefer that, shwong the full thing is not perfect but scrolling through a super long list is not fun.
May you or some else will find a solution to introduce a kind of overlayer for the keys

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Yeah, that is possible, we just need a ‘going in’ strategy :wink:


Turns out merely adding a trailing space works too, what a hack! :blush:


I’ll push that update.


Thank you for this very useful plugin!

I was having problems using the Send Message action with a custom title:

In a wizard I created I don’t collect any data and thus have nothing to select from when choosing a field for the title. I entered a custom title, but no message is being sent upon submission. If I create a text field and choose that as title, the message is being sent. Overriding that with a custom title is, again, not possible; the messages still contains the field value as title.

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Hi, and thanks for developing this plugin.

I’m trying to set this up in a hosted instance, and I’m having some issues with Checkbox fields: we have defined a couple of User Fields of type Confirmation. I’m trying to use a wizard to populate them, but the data is not syncing correctly, while other fields (e.g. dropdowns or text fields) work fine: the fields always show up as enabled in the wizard, whatever their previous value is; and when submitting the data, they always get stored as enabled also. Looking at an export of my user table, it seems like the fields store the value ‘true’ when edited via the user profile, but ‘t’ when edited via the wizard. Has anyone else experienced this? Have I misconfigured something?



Thanks for reporting @dcabo, that was a nasty one!

I’ve pushed a fix:



Thanks for the quick fix, @merefield. I can confirm it works now!

Took us a few days to test because we ran into some compatibility issues with the latest version of discourse-docker, which has bumped Uglify to v3. We’ll raise a separate issue in the repo for it, thanks!


Great! Thanks for confirming!

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@angus, could you take a look at this bug, which seems to sit in the custom wizard plugin:


Thanks for the report. This should now be fixed:


Thanks a lot! I can confirm that this fixed the issue!