Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙

Thanks for reporting @dcabo, that was a nasty one!

I’ve pushed a fix:



Thanks for the quick fix, @merefield. I can confirm it works now!

Took us a few days to test because we ran into some compatibility issues with the latest version of discourse-docker, which has bumped Uglify to v3. We’ll raise a separate issue in the repo for it, thanks!


Great! Thanks for confirming!

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@angus, could you take a look at this bug, which seems to sit in the custom wizard plugin:


Thanks for the report. This should now be fixed:


Thanks a lot! I can confirm that this fixed the issue!


Hey folks, I’ve got a really dumb question about using the plugin.

I have a one step wizard where, after signup, I ask a few questions before forwarding the user on to the payment page.

But I can’t get the routing to work. I created a ‘Route to’ action but when I click the Done button, it just sits there.

I’ve tried absolute URLs and relative URLs with no success.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious - can you point me in the right direction?

Two screen shots follow. The wizard settings and the Route To action.



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Hi @angus - I hate to bug you with a trivial question, but I’m stumped on how to get the Custom Wizard plugin to route properly. (The post above :arrow_up:)

Can you point me to a solution? Thanks!

Hmm, I got it working. It turns out I needed two steps in order for the Route To action to work.

Based on what I’m reading here, that doesn’t seem necessary, but I went back to a single step and got the same issue - hitting ‘Done’ button just sits and spins.

So I’m moving forward with my two steo wizard. :slight_smile:


We’ve had a separate report of this related to a different action. Thanks for detailing. I’ll let you know if I find something. Glad you found a workaround!


@angus about the upload picture issue still cannot solve may i know its i need to install updated plugin version ?

I feel like this is a basic question but I’ve searched and haven’t found any explicit answer. How do you remove/delete old (test, in this case) saved submissions to a form?

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On my wizard, I’m using user selector as a field. But when I select multiple users, the output is just a comma separated list. No spaces and no @ mentions. Obviously everyone’s wants are different, but what I’m trying to do is make a list of users and tag them in a post.

Currently it ends up like this:

It’s not able to be formatted beyond this without adding multiple user-selection options.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to do the following with the user-selector thing, but even just an @ mention within comma separation would be fine.

Thank you for reading this! I really appreciate your plugin, it’s a life saver for my forum. :slight_smile:


I was able to resolve the issue of the images showing in the topic by added the following html to the composer editor.

"<img src=w{results_img}>"

basically, just using the img container for html and calling the cmdlet as the source. works great on mine.

I am however still having issues with the upload portion. I tried a similar approach with the upload and calling the facet. so “[w{script_upload.original_filename}|attachment](w{script_upload.url})” gets me a nice looking link, but the link goes to an access denied on my S3 bucket.

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Just a note that we’re having a test writing hackday at Pavilion, and I’ll be writing up a suite of backend and frontend tests for this plugin which should address a few of the issues mentioned.

Yes, please update to the latest version of the plugin. @merefield recently worked on this specific use case.

Yes it is a basic question, however there isn’t a simple answer. I understand the concern though, I’ll take a look at this later today when working on the plugin tests.

I’ll address this later today as well.

Likewise this.



I get this error on the latest version of the Plugin:

Uncaught Error: Could not find module `discourse/models/login-method` imported from `discourse/lib/logout`
    at h (_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72632)
    at _ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72609
    at t.module.exports.u.<computed> (_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72679)
    at t.module.exports.u.<computed> (_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72518)
    at require (_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72677)
    at h (_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72636)
    at _ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72609
    at t.module.exports.u.<computed> (_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72679)
    at t.module.exports.u.<computed> (_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72518)
    at require (_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72677)

You can’t see the form, only the background.


thanks for reporting @SvenC56, this is now fixed, please upgrade to latest.


Here there,

I’m back, stalking this thread :rofl: :male_detective:. Since the latest commit I can’t see the labels of the form. It looks like this:

Every input field has normally a title. Now it’s empty. I also can’t find these title field in the DOM. I also do not get any console warnings.

Best Regards


Thanks, this has also been fixed:


Assigning groups does not seem to work. I have a custom group with the ID “Xyz”. In the wizard I have a drop-down field with the value “Xyz” (both columns). When I try to assign the group according to the value of the drop-down via Actions > Type “Add to Group” and set either Group Selection or Custom Group to the variable name of my drop-down, I get this error in log:

Completed 404 Not Found in 11ms (ActiveRecord: 0.0ms | Allocations: 11469)
ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound (Couldn't find Group with 'id'=Xyz)

The group is clearly present. When I browse the group, this is recorded in the log:

Processing by GroupsController#members as JSON
  Parameters: {"offset"=>"0", "order"=>"", "desc"=>"", "filter"=>"", "group_id"=>"Xyz"}
Completed 200 OK in 14ms (Views: 0.2ms | ActiveRecord: 0.0ms | Allocations: 3216)

The group has permissions so it can be joined. My environment is plugin version 0.1 on Discourse 2.4.0.beta9

Edit: Reporting another bug:
It does not seem possible to have a custom drop down field be required because the “None” value will always be the default if the user doesn’t select something else. For use cases where it is required that the user makes a choice, that doesn’t work (which is most cases I would guess).

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