How do I install a Theme or Theme Component?

Importing new themes and theme components

To import new themes and components, visit

or via the UI head to Admin > Customize > Themes

Then click on Install here

you’ll see this

You can install popular Discourse theme components from the Popular tab, or import via your device or a repository link by clicking on the respective tabs.

The repository link for each theme is provided by the author on the theme topic. There are also options to import from a specific branch and to specify whether the repository is private.

If you import a theme component, you need to also add it to your actives themes. This is covered in detail in the next section.

Add theme components to a theme

Let’s say you like the Discourse category banners theme component and want to use it. You would proceed as follows

  1. import the theme from the repository like we discussed above
  2. add it as a theme component to your active / user-selectable themes

You can add the component your theme(s) using the “Include component on these themes” setting:

You can also add components from a theme’s overview using the “Included components” setting:

Checking for updates

Sometimes the themes or components you install will have updates.

If a theme or component has updates, an icon will display next to its name like so

If you select that theme or component you can update it with one click by clicking on the update button here:

Programmatically installing themes

If you want to install themes in your app.yml you can use the following format:

  - exec: echo "Beginning of custom commands"

  - file:
      path: /tmp/mythemes.yml
      contents: |
          add_to_all_themes: true

  - exec:
      cd: $home
      cmd: su discourse -c 'bundle exec rake themes:install < /tmp/mythemes.yml'

  - exec: echo "End of custom commands"

This should cover everything you need to install a theme or theme component. If you'd like to learn more about the Discourse theme system, we have a more detailed guide that should provide you with a general overview with more details.
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Can themes and theme components be installed on the command line like plugins?
In my use case it would be very handy if i could add a couple lines to my container app.yml that automatically installed or updated themes and components as part of the rebuild.


Yes, we have this rake task:

So you would use it to install. Its a bit fiddly you first would place a trivial yaml file on the file system and then run the rake task.


This is awesome! Thanks :-0