Install a theme or theme component

Importing new themes and theme components

head to Admin → Customize → Themes and press the Install button.

From the Install dialog, you can …

  • choose popular Discourse themes and theme components
  • install from a Git repository URL link
  • install from your local device (rare)

If you are installing a complete theme, you’re done!

If you install a theme component :jigsaw:, you will need to add that theme component to your active themes. Keep reading.

Add theme components to a theme

Let’s say you want to use the Discourse category banners theme component.

  1. Import the theme from the repository.
  2. Add it as a theme component to your active / user-selectable themes.

You can also add components to your themes using the “Include component on these themes” setting:

You can also add components from a theme’s overview using the “Included components” setting:

Automatic updates

Sometimes the themes or components you install will have updates. They should auto-update by default, however, if they do not, you can manually update via the “update to latest” button.


If you prefer to install themes from the command line, see this topic. If you’d like to learn more about the Discourse theme system, see: