Beginner's guide to using Discourse Themes

Yes @tgxworld is looking to build an on/off option for components per user, probably should be done in a week or so.


On many places, it is written, just add this code to CSS.
Then I tried that code/functionality to Admin Settings> Customize> Themes> Edit CSS/HTML. And paste the given code under ‘CSS’ or last pane ‘Embedded CSS’.
But there is no result.

Is there any guide which could tell the basics of how css/html code is pasted and in which area (there are many other panes/tabs also: ; Header ; After Header ; ; Footer )


Was this ever published? Or was it made possible to add a user preference in just a theme component rather than a plugin?


As per the guide, I should be able to see two default themes.

But in my case I’m able to see only default and not even Light or Dark theme.

Also the dark theme should be able to change as per the browser/system dark/light mode. This isn’t happening too.

Can anyone please help me to fix it?


If your Discourse is a bit old you won’t have the two default themes, but you can easily create one with preset dark color palette. It takes a few seconds.


Hello Steven, thanks for your reply.

I’m running the 2.7.0.beta1 version of Discourse.

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I have manually created 2 themes light and dark and assigned palettes to them and I think that is the only option left for me.

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I don’t think you have another option. What I meant by “old forum” was more like if it was created more than 2 or 3 years ago. The two themes by default was added fairly recently I believe, half the forums I installed don’t have these two themes, they have the same “Default” as you.

But theese two default themes have nothing more than those you just created


Sorry I’m new using discors i try to install a theme component the “discourse-category-banners”
but it’s doesn’t seems to works they ask me :

i didn’t understands how to make it work

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The warning that you are seeing is telling you that you cannot make changes to the theme component’s code directly on the Discourse site. The warning is shown because it used to be possible to edit this type of theme component directly on Discourse. That caused all sorts of issues.

To use the theme component, all you need to do is add it to your theme. I see in the screenshot that you posted that you have added the theme component to your site’s default theme. As long as your user is using the site’s Default theme, you should see category banners on the site.

Use the Discourse Category Banners Themes Settings section to configure the component for your site.


Is there any actual documentation or is all of your API info buried in threads?

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Is this any help?


See also


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The above is my site, why no theme icon is on webpage?

Thank you,


Could you try to access this link?

Depending on how your Discourse is hosted you may find different elements are unavailable. For instance, on our Basic plan it’s not possible to customise your themes and you would need to upgrade to the Standard plan or higher.

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Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Good idea but the above is the response.

OK, I will update. Thank you.

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